About the Books

There may come times in your life when God puts someone in your path whom you may or may not know, who may well be facing a spiritual life-and-death situation. The time and attention you give to that individual in their time of need may serve as the catalyst for the in-breaking of God’s providential will in the life of that person. As time passes, you might occasionally find yourself reflecting on that experience from the past, thanking God for how he used you in such a time of need. But slowly, almost imperceptibly, you begin to sense that God had something profound to reveal to you through that situation.

In Daybreak, author Paul Gasque begins by showing how deep within the recesses of your own spirit may lie a hidden hopelessness desperately searching for a way out—a dark, seemingly unredeemed area of your being. You have been unable to name it. Could it be a sheer lack of purpose for and meaning to life? You long for a better day, a better situation, a better station in life. But when? As your heart becomes open to the Spirit of God moving in your life, there is a sound, the voice of a gentle whisper as if speaking to you from a remote distance, but drawing nearer and clearer, saying to you, “Hold on, hold on, for daybreak is coming. The light of Christ has not left you. Your new day has arrived.”


Lifting the Veil offers you a unique opportunity to gain insight into the ways in which God weaves together Scripture, people, and prayer to reveal how he is at work drawing you into deeper fellowship with him.

The book focuses on human contact. The weekly readings and the accompanying Daily Reflection activities are intended to give you thoughts to reflect on so that your daily life and the experiences you encounter may themselves become exercises in devotion. You are also asked to journal these weekly interactions and, at the close of the year, look back over

the readings and entries to gain an appreciation of the many people God has placed in your life over the preceding twelve months.